Bill Weinstein lecture on Dry Needling this Monday December 9th

Bill Weinstein, L.Ac. will be speaking at the Saugerties Public Library this coming Monday, December 9, from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Acupuncture, including a recent development commonly referred to “dry needling,” grows from an ancient lineage with branches in many cultures. Several thousand years of recorded practice demonstrate its efficacy and its safety. How does it work? A modern understanding of the nervous system has begun to elucidate the actual mechanisms underlying acupuncture’s action. “A Modern View of Acupuncture” will provide an overview of the history, practice, and physiology of acupuncture and its latter-day descendent, dry needling.

For directions to the Saugerties Library click this link

William Weinstein, L.Ac. has been an acupuncturist for more than eleven years. He has written about acupuncture for publications as diverse as Hudson Valley Business Journal and European Journal of Oriental Medicine.

William Weinstein, M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. NCCAOM
William Weinstein, Licensed Acupuncturist
3 Cherry Hill Road, Suite A (at Performance Sports & Wellness), New Paltz NY 12561.

Modern Acupuncture
Integrated Systemic Dry Needling for Sports Injuries and Trauma Rehabilitation