Bad posture alters children’s throwing bio-mechanics causing injury.

I saw another rotator cuff injury in my office recently where the childs’s slumping posture caused a bio-mechanics imbalance in the shoulder and caused an injury from the demands of pitching.  Children who have a slumping posture develope imbalances in the muscles that stabilize the scapula, rotator cuff, and spine.  This causes a decrease in the space that the rotator cuff tendons have to move in resulting in impingement.  Over time with repetitive motions and  overuse the muscles and tendons can develop micro tears causing pain, decreased range of motion, and weakness.  If a child is having continued shoulder pain and it is not recognized soon the continued use or overuse causes can cause a larger tear or other damage to the shoulder, elbow, and spine.   It is not uncommon seeing college,  high school, and even middle school athletes having shoulder and elbow injuries due to overuse, and altered biomechanics associated with bad posture.   The shame of it all is that a lot of these injuries and surgeries could be avoided and corrected if they were identified early by a sports medical professional.  Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy,  Active Release techniques, and corrective exercises can correct posture.  If your child enjoys sports but are not listening to you when you tell them to sit up straight explain to them why.   If they have the potential to use sports to get the into college or beyond explain it to them that not sitting up straight will do more than give them bad posture.  It can cause them to have pain and get injured.  Some of the injuries kids are getting can be career ending injuries and result in surgery dashing the hopes and dreams of  children and parents alike.  Dr. David Ness

Dr. David Ness is a certified sports chiropractor practicing in New Paltz and Poughkeepsie.  Dr. Ness is the official chiropractor and Active Release Techniques provider for the Vassar College Athletic Dept since 2010, and the Hudson Valley Triathlon Club since 2005.