Army Spring Football Season starts 2018

Dr. David Ness will be back at the United States Military Academy starting March 20, 2018 as the chiropractor for the Army West Point football team.  For the next 4 weeks during the spring season Dr. Ness will be providing chiropractic care and Active Release Techniques soft tissue treatment to help the football players recover faster from the rigors of daily practices, strength training, and scrimmages which result in injuries.  Dr. Ness has been the chiropractor for the football team for the past 3 years and helped the Army West Point football team stay healthy and on the field for their amazing record tying season last year.  Culminating with thrilling victories over Navy, and a last second bowl game victory over the number one rushing team in the nation San Diego State.  Army West Point tied the school record for victories in a season, and won the commander in chiefs trophy for the first time in 20 years.